The Dangers of Silent Drowning

With the influx of warm weather, both adults and children will soon be flocking to swimming pools across the country.Parents know that drowning is a concern, but the threat of silent drowning still leads to the deaths of hundreds of children every year. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 15, and almost half of the victims will drown within 25 yards of an adult.

Recognizing a drowning person is more difficult than it appears in movies or television. The characteristic thrashing and yelling seen on screen rarely happens in real life, and this false idea of what drowning looks like leads to a tragic number of children drowning in swimming pools every year.

Although it’s a situation that no parent ever wants to imagine, knowing the signs of a child drowning can and does save lives every year. Learning the true signs of a drowning child can help you recognize a potentially fatal situation and avoid an unthinkable tragedy.

Signs of drowning include:

  • Mouth at water level
  • Eyes glassy or closed
  • Head tilted back or low in the water
  • Standing vertically in the water without using legs
  • Gasping or hyperventilating
  • Hair over the eyes or forehead

Even under the watchful eye of adults, a child can still drown without anyone realizing that anything’s wrong until it’s too late. As you prepare for the upcoming summer, review pool safety and ensure that your family knows how to stay safe. With some precautions, you may be able to prevent a drowning before it even starts.

Pool Safety Tips

  • Never run near the pool
  • Teach children swimming skills and water safety as early as possible
  • Never leave the gate to a pool area opened
  • Keep rescue equipment near the pool
  • Learn CPR skills
  • Don’t leave toys that might attract a child near the pool area
  • Always maintain visual contact with children in the pool. A child can drown in a matter of seconds
  • If a child is lost, check the pool first

Avoiding a fatal accident can be as simple as educating yourself and your family in recognizing the dangers of drowning. Don’t underestimate how quickly drowning can occur of the importance of safety when enjoying the fun summer months ahead.

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