The Basics of Salt Water Pools

Chlorine chemicals have been the traditional method of keeping swimming pools clean and sanitized, but another option has emerged as a popular alternative. Salt water pools, including those equipped with a salt chlorine generator system, provide a sanitized pool while avoiding the negative effects of chemical chlorine.

The process of chlorination is important to remove bacteria, algae, and other organic matter, while also disinfecting water. However, using liquid chemicals to achieve this also carries side effects such as eye irritation, hair discoloration, bleached swimsuits, and dry skin, as well as the hazards of handling dangerous chemicals when performing maintenance on the pool. Salt systems are simpler to maintain and do not include these problems. In contrast to adding chemicals to the water consistently, salt pools use a regenerative system to continually process the water and create the chlorine that keeps the water sanitized.

To clarify, salt pools still contain chlorine, but it is added in a less harsh form. Through a device called an electrolytic chlorine generator, salt is converted into chlorine. Not all systems are the same, and different types of salt can contain impurities that will build up and cause an issue over time. Although this option reduces the chance of contact with liquid chlorine, a pool with a chlorine generator must still have its pH levels balanced. Professionals who install and maintain salt water pools will understand the processes needed to properly attend to the unique properties of each salt water pool, so relying on their abilities is the easiest option for owners to rely on.

In the long term, a salt water pool will also cost less than a traditional chlorine pool. Although some investment will be needed to install the system initially, the cost of the salt needed to maintain the pool versus the high cost of chlorine chemicals will soon start saving the pool owner money in maintenance costs.

Every pool situation is different, and the requirements to install a salt water pool or convert an existing pool can range greatly. The best option for homeowners to resolve any questions about their options is to contact a professional pool company that has specific experience in salt water pools.

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