Ozone Pool Pumps

Ozone pumps for your swimming pool will help out not only the general health of your swimming pool, but of your family and friends swimming in the pool as well. For many years, chlorine-based chemicals have been the standard for swimming pool water treatment and have produced great results. However, recent research and studies show that these chemicals can have a negative impact on a swimmer’s health. In addition, there are bacteria and parasites that are resistant to chlorine. Continue reading

Outdoor Pool Patio

No pool is complete without an accompanying patio surrounding it. At Triton Pools, we specialize not only in the design, creation, and installation of swimming pools, but also outdoor pool patios. Our patios are state of the art, and can be optimized and customized however you’d like. As a company that prides itself on unique and custom designs for every customer, we offer a multitude of choices in our deck options, including flagstone, stamped concrete, pavestone, spray deck, and many more. Continue reading

Winterizing Your Pool

With the oncoming cold weather, many homes will begin to winterize, or close, their pools. Properly closing and taking care of your pool for the winter saves a lot of time and money when you reopen it in the spring. It is generally advices to winterize your pool as soon as the weather turns cold to ensure it’s well protected from possible freeze damage to the concrete, tiles, or pool pump and filter. At Triton Pools, we compiled a list of tips and suggestions for winterizing your pool during the cold weather seasons. Continue reading

Swimming Pool Workouts

A lot of times, working out outdoors in the summer heat can be miserable, especially in Texas. Gym memberships can cost an arm and a leg, and many people enjoy being outdoors while they workout. Luckily there are loads of different workouts and exercises you can perform in the comfort of your swimming pool, keeping you cool and refreshed, while also giving you a workout that matches those you get at a gym. Here at Triton Pools, we’ve compiled some of our favorite and most efficient and effective swimming pool workouts. Continue reading

Preventing Algae Buildup in Your Pool

It’s getting to be not only the hottest time of the year, but the most humid and damp time as well. This means algae is destined to begin growing quickly in your pool unless you start preventing it now! The summer affords the quickest growth season for pool algae due to heat and humidity; at Triton Pools we understand how important pool maintenance is, so we’ve compiled a list of several helpful tips to help you help your pool clean and algae-free all year long. Continue reading

Custom Pool Quote Cypress

At Triton Pools, we can do it all when it comes to building your custom oasis. “But I’ve always wanted a shallow part to tan in with a palapa three feet away so that my snacks are poolside,” you say. That’s great, how about a custom waterfall to complete the scene of serenity? If you’re wondering if we’re on the same page with your design ideas, we take out all the guess work by digitizing your layout on our 3D imaging system. Once we’re done with all of the specifics such as pathways, raised areas, water features, patio covers and outdoor kitchen design, we’ll render them into a life-like, 3D image that mimics the size and the layout of your backyard to a T. Continue reading