How to Prevent Swimming Pool Algae

If you find your swimming pool tinted green at the beginning of summer year after year, you could be facing a serious algae problem. Algae is a simple plant that develops in wet areas and can be a real annoyance when attempting to maintain a clean pool. The good news is that with the right steps you can keep algae out of your pool – for good.

Firstly, if you face on-going algae problems, the continuous cycles of growth are simply laying the foundation for future blooms. Algae is notoriously resilient, so you’ll need to completely eradicate it from your pool to prevent future growth.

Throw out all items with a semi-soft surface that have been in the pool: nets, brushes, pool noodles, foam and vinyl floats, and any cleaner parts that are soft. These will just store the algae and lead to future contamination.

In severe instances the pool would need to be drained, but in most cases this is not necessary.

There are several chemicals on the market to completely eradicate any lingering algae and to prevent it from returning. The type of water, filtration system, and size of your pool can affect your use of these products, so it may be best to consult with your pool contractor for a recommendation on a supplier who can discuss these options with you. When used correctly, though, they can be very effective in keeping your pool algae-free.

These solutions may require a fair investment of effort and money, but removing algae completely from your pool and keeping it from returning will be a great benefit for your pool in the long run.

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