Custom Patios Cypress

Give your backyard realm a gaze. There’s your newly-installed pool glinting in the sunlight, the Ph balance just about right to dive in. Somewhere in the mix are the new loungers, the ones that resist the color draining from the sun of course, and your chrome grill begging for a round of bone-in ribeyes. You might not even notice what’s missing in the expanse of grass before you, and that’s what Triton Pools is here for. We provide the perfect, custom patio design to unify your yard’s final aesthetic appearance, whatever the look you want to ‘deck’ it out in. If you don’t want to stop at the patio, we also build custom outdoor kitchens to compliment your new space, all performed with our 3D imaging that not only helps align our goals, but to execute you dream vision with precision.

We’ll custom design all the features for your patio:

If you want a palapa with your patio, no problem. How about an inlayed Texas logo three feet, no four, left of the hot tub? Again, Triton Pools has it covered. Whatever features you want to accompany your pool, that’s where we deliver with our custom patio design. We like to hand the creativity reigns to the customer when it comes to building their dream backyard, and we offer the following:

  • Winding pathways that meander peacefully through your yard and provide accents for additional, custom landscaping (Yes, we do that too)
  • Raised deck areas to add focal points and to create a uniquely personal atmosphere
  • Patio design with raised hot tubs
  • Outdoor kitchens with a myriad of patio cover options, grills, wood fired ovens, refrigerators, swim-up bars, stand-up bars, and so much more

We consistently do the best custom patios Cypress has ever seen!

If you’re ready to add any of these features of our custom patio design, or if you’re full of your own ideas, contact our contractors today to request a free project estimate.


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