Choosing the Best Custom Pool Company

A custom swimming pool is a unique addition to any home, but it also represents a serious investment. With a hefty price tag and permanent changes to your property, you want to ensure that you’re trusting the job to a custom pool company that will do the job right. Making sure that you’re working with capable professionals can mean the difference between the pool of your dreams and a nightmare that costs you big. With so many companies trying to sell you on their services, it can be tricky to pick out the real deal, but these tips will help you find the right pool company for you.

Get Multiple Estimates

You’ll have no idea if the company you’re considering is charging an exorbitant amount or a suspiciously low amount unless you have several point of comparison. You never know what great company you may be missing out on by only getting one or two quotes on your pool project.

Research Each Builder

A quick search on Google or another search engine should reveal any serious issues with a potential contractor. Searching for “Company Name reviews” is a good place to start, and from there you should be able to find details on other customer’s experiences or recommendations.

Check the Better Business Bureau

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, you can search for a pool company that you’re considering and view any complaints, plus a rating of their services. This is an excellent place to check out a potential contractor before entrusting them with your pool.

See Their Work

Any pool contractor with decent experience will have photos of their past projects. Take a look at what they’ve done to see what they’re capable of. Many businesses will have a full gallery on their website, where you can review the scope of their work and what features they have experience in installing.

Ask About Their Credentials

Always ask a contractor that you’re talking to if they are insured. Insurance is a safety net for a pool company, and is essential to protect your property in the case of an unforeseen disaster or accident. Pool contractors who are insured are serious about their work and can be trusted to take care with your pool.

Adding a customized pool to your home should be an exciting and invigorating experience. By taking the time to make sure you’re hiring the right company, you can ensure that everything proceeds as planned and you’ll soon be enjoying an amazing pool that meets all of your specifications.

The Basics of Salt Water Pools

Chlorine chemicals have been the traditional method of keeping swimming pools clean and sanitized, but another option has emerged as a popular alternative. Salt water pools, including those equipped with a salt chlorine generator system, provide a sanitized pool while avoiding the negative effects of chemical chlorine.

The process of chlorination is important to remove bacteria, algae, and other organic matter, while also disinfecting water. However, using liquid chemicals to achieve this also carries side effects such as eye irritation, hair discoloration, bleached swimsuits, and dry skin, as well as the hazards of handling dangerous chemicals when performing maintenance on the pool. Salt systems are simpler to maintain and do not include these problems. In contrast to adding chemicals to the water consistently, salt pools use a regenerative system to continually process the water and create the chlorine that keeps the water sanitized.

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Luxury Pool Company Cypress

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Ozone Pool Pumps

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Swimming Pool Workouts

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Custom Pool Quote Cypress

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Pool Building Cypress

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Pool Design Cypress

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