4 Ways to Get Your Pool Ready For Cooler Weather

Are you searching for a way to extend the life of your pool during the summer months? If you’re a new pool owner (or even if you’ve had a pool for years), the name of this game is preservation. Learn how to prepare your pool for the onset of cold weather and you’ll keep dirt, debris and algae away, with ease.

Balance Your Pool Chemicals

The most important ‘pool upkeep’ rule for colder weather is balancing your pH levels correctly. Balancing your pool’s chemicals is important for not only safe swimming in your custom Katy or Cypress custom pool, but for your pool’s equipment as well. As a rule of thumb, aim for pH levels that fall between 7.2-7.6. Then, rest assured you’re keeping your pool in great shape until you use it again.

Shock Your Pool to Preserve Your Pools Health

Come Spring, no one likes to find their pool has been covered with algae. To prevent algae from forming during the winter, it’s important to shock your pool by increasing your chemicals. Your custom pool builder Katy can discuss your pool needs, and provide you with the correct chemicals to keep your pool clear and healthy all winter long.

Clean Your Pool to Avoid Stains and Dirt  

If you don’t clean your pool before closing it up for the winter, you’ll have unpleasant surface stains to deal with in the spring. Make sure to clean the sides of your pool, the filter (so it performs at its optimal level all season long), and clear away any debris. Pay attention to your water level, as you don’t want it to fall below the skimmer box. Once everything is clean and clear, you’re ready to cover it up!

Invest in a High-Quality Pool Cover For Your Katy or Cypress Custom Pool

Now that’s you’ve done the prep work, it’s time to cover your pool. The right pool cover will protect additional debris, dirt (and even nearby wildlife) from coming into your pool. Invest in a high-quality pool cover that will thoroughly cover every inch of your pool’s design—and have peace of mind that it’s protected all winter long.

Pool Company Testimonials That Says It All

Have you dreamt for years of having a pool in your backyard, but aren’t quite sure you have the space—or the budget—for one? Let past customers share their experience, like Carissa and Matt:

“We just want to say ‘Thank you’ for our wonderful pool! We absolutely love it! Thank you for getting it done so quickly so we can enjoy it this summer. All of the crews that worked on it were great. There were never any issues or problems. Thanks for our ‘Paradise.’”

Your Katy and Cypress Custom Pool Builder

Whatever pool water features or design you desire, Triton Pools will help you find the perfect pool, along with a competitive price. From pool landscape and design, to decking, waterfalls and patio covers, your pool and backyard needs are covered! Contact Triton Pools for a free pool quote today!

Custom Patios Cypress

Give your backyard realm a gaze. There’s your newly-installed pool glinting in the sunlight, the Ph balance just about right to dive in. Somewhere in the mix are the new loungers, the ones that resist the color draining from the sun of course, and your chrome grill begging for a round of bone-in ribeyes. You might not even notice what’s missing in the expanse of grass before you, and that’s what Triton Pools is here for. We provide the perfect, custom patio design to unify your yard’s final aesthetic appearance, whatever the look you want to ‘deck’ it out in. If you don’t want to stop at the patio, we also build custom outdoor kitchens to compliment your new space, all performed with our 3D imaging that not only helps align our goals, but to execute you dream vision with precision. Continue reading

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Pool Design Cypress

If you don’t want a circle with water dumped in as a pool, then you’ve come to the right contractor. At Triton Pools, we’ve designed the top pools in the area, and we can outfit your new oasis with everything from outdoor kitchens, waterfalls and rock architecture down to the native Texas fauna and decking that will dot and make it a delicate space. Continue reading